• Taussig Substation

    Taussig Substation

    Location: Norfolk, VA

    Customer: Dominion Virginia Power

    Taussig substation was a DVP project designed to improve reliability for its customers in Norfolk. It involved upgrading a 13.2 kV line inside the substation to operate at 34.5 kV. Construction included removal and installation of breakers, switches, conduit, control cable, and aluminum bus.

  • Cannon Branch Substation

    Cannon Branch Substation

    Location: Manassas, VA

    Customer: Dominion Virginia Power

    RWEC was selected to expand the existing Cannon Branch Substation in Manassas. Our scope of work included replacing the existing single transformer with two new transformers; one a 230kV to 115 kV and the other a 230kV to 34.5kV transformer. RWEC replaced existing wooden backbone structures with new galvanized steel backbone structures. Work included 167 foundations and over a mile of aluminum bus. Along with the control house RWEC installed seven 230 kV breakers, seven 230kv Switches, five 34.5 kV breakers, and seven 34.5 kV switches.

  • Security Fences

    Security Fences

    Location: Multiple locations throughout Virginia Customer: Dominion Power Install specially designed security fences which protect Dominion Power’s critical substations. Scope of work includes drilling and setting of fence posts and anti-ramming barriers, installation of fence panels, connecting fence to existing substation ground grid and removal of existing fence. All work is done while the substation is energized.READ MORE